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Bible Facts You May Not Know About

Everyone knows the bible and some of us have been lucky enough to read it from cover to cover. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised when you meet someone who justifies everything they do and say using bible verses.However there are those common verses that almost everyone knows about and memorizes them when situation requires. In fact, it is a common thing among many people to only remember verses that will favor them when in hard situations or whenever they need comfort. Surprisingly enough, there are some bible facts you may not know about.

1. Did you know that the book of psalms holds the longest,the shortest and the middle most chapters of the bible? If you didn’t now,psalms 117 happens to be the shortest chapter in the bible, psalms 118 the middlemost while psalms 119 is the longest. This is an amazing fact considering the three chapters are in the same book and follow each other. If you don’t believe it, pick up your bible and you will find that it is indeed the true.This fact might bring up the question about the shortest verse in the bible,this should be found in the new testament in the book of John chapter 11; 35and contains only two words, Jesus wept. 

2. The bible tells two different accounts of the creation the most common being found in Genesis chapter 1 which explains that God first created the earth and heavens and everything that is in them for five days and on the sixth day He created man from dust. He then created woman from mans’ rib after putting him into a deep sleep. Chapter two which immediately follows tells a totally different story. It states that God created heavens and earth and before any shrub had appeared on the ground or streams had started flowing,He created man from dust and gave him life. After creating man, He created the Garden of Eden and put man there. These are two different accounts yet in the same book, you may never know about these facts since most people concentrate much on the first account of the creation story. 

3. The story of Samson and Delilah is common and most people can easily account the whole story without looking it up the bible. But did you know that Delilah didn’t actually cut Samson’s hair but she asked her servant to do it? The only thing Delilah did was find out the truth from Samson and later put him into deep sleep before asking her servant to do the deed that cost Samson his power.

4. Other bible facts you may not known about include the bible is the most bought book in the world with more than 3.9 billion copies being sold in the last 50 years. Surprisingly enough, it also happens to be the most shoplifted book in the book shelves; unfortunately it seems the shoplifters don’t know about the Ten Commandments that prohibit stealing. All Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus, but did you now the bible says nothing about Jesus’ birth date? It also doesn’t state whether it should be celebrated or not.

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